Looking Forward To New Adventures

Looking Forward To New Adventures

Jacqueline the Great!

I have been in the midst of a great reimagining, if you will, of my Jacqueline the Great books. The more that I have looked into it, the more I think that the stories would be better suited to an early reader/beginning chapter book format. I am not completely committed to it yet, I am still working on them to see if I am correct but I am excited about the prospect! I will post it here first if I decide to do it and what happens from there. If the results are as good as I hope they will be, I will be looking at publishing options next.

Bowling with the Moon

Bowling with the Moon is written and I am in discussions about illustrations for the book. This one is a picture book with a very serious subject but the story leaves the reader with hope. There is not much I can say about this one without giving the story away at this point but I will be letting you know as soon as I can tell you more.

Rupert VanMouse

Rupert is a well-behaved mouse. He is a neat and tidy mouse. Most of all, he is a reading mouse. Rupert loves the family he lives with and is very excited when he finds out that they are going on a summer learning adventure! How is he going to manage to go along without being seen? This story was inspired by a real mouse that decided to come along with my family on our adventures. This story is one that I am most excited to see come to life!

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